the art of uniting human and home

Michelle Schwab

Listing Concierge

From the rolling hills of Baltimore County to the mountains of Peru and the jungles of Zambia, Michelle’s footprints have been left locally and globally through humanitarian work helping those in need. Relief and rescue have been felt by numerous souls both two and four legged as a result of Michelle’s outreach activities.
A graduate of Towson University with a degree in sociology with a concentration in anthropology, Michelle has settled on a farm in the Western Run Valley where she is raising an 8 year old daughter and a 10 year old son, as well as a menagerie of rescued animals. Michelle is now excited to be a part of the Krauss team working as a client concierge as well as heading up the lifestyle portion of the Krauss website.

I’d rather be… reading a book with my feet in the sand

Favorite place to unplug… Any place I travel to

I’m passionate about… animals, the environment, travel

Totem animal… giraffe

Best habit… boring, but being on time

Worst habit… losing my cell phone, constantly

Indulgences… binging on Pinterest and Netflix, usually at the same time

Would post a billboard saying… be kind, no matter what

Favorite gadget… my Trakr, that finds my cell phone

If I could waive a magic wand and change the world I would… make it a kind, happy, peaceful place

Favorite movie… Better Off Dead, or any kitschy 80’s movie

Favorite book… How To Murder Your Life, for a good beach read